We welcome your feed back on your experience of purchasing, receiving, wearing or the gifting of our GardenGirl womens and childrens high fashion gardening clothes and accessories...

    • Absolutely love the gloves!
      So pleased to have these products available in the southern hemisphere, thank you... lynda NZ XXX
    • Hi, Just wanted to say how much I love my 3/4 trousers (with knee pad inserts). The pocket on the right-hand side towards the knee is perfect for my cellphone. I washed them before I wore them and they softened up beautifully and are extremely comfortable to wear. I highly recommend them. I also appreciate the personal, friendly service I had from you while I was sorting out the correct sizing. Thank you, Ann
    • I brought the gardening dungarees and the knee pads as a gift and my mum loved them. They fit really well and I'm told they are very comfortable. Mum is most pleased that she's dressed in gardening gear that it both practical and lady-like pretty. Really pleased with my purchase!
    • Purchased some pants, knee pads and gloves. The pants fit well, even though I was a bit apprehensive ordering pants online without trying them on! I am very happy with the knee pads and how they fit into pockets in the pants and the gloves are great. Thank you for great and practical products.
    • Loved all my clothes and goodies. They all fit and look fab. I'll be back to get more!!!
    • Buying at your current prices is a steal - sorry!. I am so happy with my first purchases, that I have now bought my 2nd pair of Dungarees, singlet and fleece jacket. Thank you again for your service. Sharon
    • Why has it taken me so long to obtain one of these tools. My friend knows that I love your range and she gave me the Weeding Pike's for my birthday. It is wonderful! I have just completed de-weeding the lawn from all sorts of nasty weeds and this tool made my job so easy. And the handle 'is' a good size for my hands, so thank you and my lovely friend. Happy Birthday Girl :)

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